Frankincense Revitalizing Facial Mask

Inna Organic

Frankincense is the best natural power to diminish skin age, reduce fine lines, and keep skin firm. It has been used in skin regimen for thousands of years, even by Cleopatra the legendary Egyptian queen! Add our Frankincense infused face mask into your skincare routine, and see how it makes your face glow.

How to Use

15 minutes of pampering to “glow from within”
  • Facial masks are one of the most effective skincare products, as it force-feeds your skin an intense amount of active ingredients in 10-15 minutes.
  • INNA organic uses BemlieseTM mask fabric made in Japan, as it has superior absorbency powers, leaving behind little remnants of the serum in the packaging, and releases nutrients back to your skin in a short period of time.
  • We recommend removing the mask while it’s still damp with serum, don’t leave it on until it dries out. For example, remove the mask sooner if you are in a room with a heater on or in a flight cabin.